Apocalyptic Clouds

I was just cleaning some dishes this evening when, looking out of my balcony door, I saw these amazing clouds right above the horizon. I knew this moment would last only for a few minutes! Quickly grabbing my camera and switching lenses, my battery indicator was already flashing when stumbling back to the kitchen and my the CF card would turn full with the next shot! Not the most relaxing way to spend the evening, but it probably could take a while until similar clouds show up again!

There's almost no post-processing here although the image looked real disappointing when opening the raw file. It seems like these colour tones are pretty tricky to render from what digital camera record: Using the camera AWB the clouds looked nice but the sky had almost the same colour (it definitely was blue!). Using a lower colour temperature, the sky looked great but the clouds were dull. I ended up mixing to RAW conversions, one using 4500K and the other using 3400K as colour temperatures. Not much to do, but a great effect! I also removed some antennas that were sticking into the images from the roofs right below the image's bottom border. Check the unedited version for comparison!

Image added on Wed, June 12th 2013, 10:36PM

EXIF Information

Camera Model:   Canon EOS 30D
Lens: Sigma 100-300mm F4 APO HSM
Add. Equipment: -
Focal Length: 179mm (x1.6 = 286mm)
Shutter Speed: 1/400s
Aperture: f/7.1
ISO Speed: ISO400
Date & Time: Wed, June 12th 2013, 8:34PM

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