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After having shown a tree and some of the surrounding landscape this is a picture showing the abbey itself. Most of the facades look like this one, giving a good impression how old the entire place is. The area wasn't crowded too much, resulting in a very calm and pleasant atmosphere!

Yes, I started to like those sunstars! This one was a little trickier since the sun was close to some clouds and the facade below was in a deep shadow. It took a while for properly mixing three different exposures pulled from the same RAW file, giving back most of the contrasts that the human eye captures so easily. Some more local contrasts enhancements, et voilĂ !

Image added on Fri, February 8th 2013, 9:59PM

EXIF Information

Camera Model:   Canon EOS 30D
Lens: Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6 EX DC HSM
Add. Equipment: -
Focal Length: 10mm (x1.6 = 16mm)
Shutter Speed: 1/125s
Aperture: f/22.0
ISO Speed: ISO200
Date & Time: Fri, October 12th 2012, 12:37PM

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