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I'm using this website as a small online gallery for pictures I've taken either in my spare time or during business trips throughout the world (yes, you're making plenty of fancy trips when doing a PhD in computer science). The pictures that are posted here are those that I particularly like and that I consider as worthy to be shown on the web. Although I enjoy photography, it however is *not* my main hobby. Pictures will thus be added to this site pretty irregularly.

The gear I use for photography mainly consists of my Canon EOS 30D, a variety of lenses by Canon and Sigma and various filters such as polarizers and Cokin NDs. Note that for all editing of the images shown on this website I use free software such as The Gimp (for general image editing), Hugin (for stitching images together) and UFRaw (for development of RAW images).

For best color reproduction of the images shown on this website, I recommend to adjust your screen's brightness and contrast settings, so that all (17) shades of gray are clearly separated in the picture below. Although not explicitly required, the darkest and the lightest shade should idealy show some additional detail (tiny discs) in their center.


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