Tree on Fire

I shot this one while enjoying another walk through the garden behind Karlsruhe Palace on Monday afternoon. Sun was already setting, putting an awesome light on this tree; almost everyone walking by this place tried to get a picture of it (I wonder what their pictures look like). I first wanted to show the tree together with some green grass or against the crystal blue sky in order to create some strong colour contrast... It took me a while to realise that in fact I didn't want to show the tree within its surroundings, but only its colour. That's why I ended up shooting a single branch in a sea of fire!

Honestly, there's almost no real post-processing here. Of course the original looks very different, but the entire effect was achieved by setting the linearity for RAW conversion to 1.0 in ufraw — I usually keep this value to 0.0 for getting a maximum of detail out of shadow areas. I also removed the speckles resulting from the blue sky shining through here and there.

Image added on Tue, November 2nd 2010, 11:02PM

EXIF Information

Camera Model:   Canon EOS 30D
Lens: Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM
Add. Equipment: -
Focal Length: 85mm (x1.6 = 136mm)
Shutter Speed: 1/60s
Aperture: f/8
ISO Speed: ISO200
Date & Time: Mon, November 1st 2010, 4:43PM

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Denise on Wed, 3rd of November 2010, 8:54AM:
As I said, gorgeous!! (Although, I still don't believe that tuning the whatever parameters isn't post processing ;-))


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