Karlsruhe Palace @ Night

A couple of days ago I got around Karlsruhe Palace at about quarter to 9PM. The colors I saw convinced me to have an attempt at capturing this scene at some opportunity, i.e. the next evening! However, Karlsruhe Palace is pretty tricky to shoot since it is painted in white and bright yellow while being lit by sodium dischargers... Additionally, if one waits long enough for having a deep blue sky right above the building, ambient light will be too dimm to provide enough details in the foreground. Longer exposures won't really help here, as the red channel on the castle itself will be blown completely.

For getting this photo I followed some other approach: I shot a sequence of 5 images about 4 minutes apart from each other while maintaining the exposure time. By averaging and blending the exposures in Gimp, I eventually got a (more or less) satisfactory result.

Image added on Wed, August 26th 2009, 10:39AM

EXIF Information

Camera Model:   Canon EOS 30D
Lens: Canon EF 17-40mm f/4 L USM
Add. Equipment: Tripod
Focal Length: 40mm (x1.6 = 64mm)
Shutter Speed: 5 x 8s
Aperture: f/14.0
ISO Speed: ISO100
Date & Time: Sun, August 23rd 2009, 9:06PM

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