Mon, October 19th 2009, 4:39PM:

The King is dead. Long live the King.

I didn't get much to editing and retouching lately, so despite having gathered some new ideas of subjects to shoot, updates and new images got pretty scarce in the past weeks. Today, however, one of my colleagues drew my attention to small wooden crosses having appeared on the campus of the University of Karls... ehrm, sorry: the KIT's South Campus (waha!), informing everybody that one of Germany's important universities has "passed away". So why not get a spontaneous shot of these, as this would be something different and a good occasion for getting my 30D out of its bag again...

Oh yeah, speaking of my Canon 30D: I meanwhile got pretty tempted by replacing my beloved camera with a brand new 7D as the latter features so many updates:

* Better AF
* 100% view finder
* Live view
* Highres display
* 18MP
* Video

Still, I'm perfeclty fine with my 30D, so 1500 EUR seems lots of money!


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